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[09 Aug 2005|02:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

omg. i adore school.

i got my parking space but umm..eww. it's the space at the end of the lot..the one i DIDN'T want. the space that 2 cars have been broken into from. yeah, that one. the one that backs all the way up to the ghetto. my insurance doesn't cover theft. this sucks. they need to be snappy about installing the video monitors.

i have history first period. not the best way to start a day but it works. diana sits by me. and this really sweet new girl and her brother are in our class, too. candace and someone else. she's completely beautiful. the two of them probably have the best manners i could ever hope to see from a holy spirit student.

i saw natilee in the hallway and she asked me if we had cheerleading after school and i was like..."umm, no. tomorrow, though." and then she was all like "those glasses are so cute. you're just stylin' and profilin'." she is like so sweet. she makes me think very highly of freshmen.

i dislike my religion class. i don't talk to anyone in there because they're all either bitches, or the type that only speak when spoken to. so i just sat there and didn't say a word. the only upside of that class: kathryn sits next to me. although, i'm not her main point of interest, at least she talks to me. she showed me her license and we talked about something pointless but at least it was conversation. of course we have the regulars: lauren c., lauren p., ashton, brittany t., brittney p, danielle...ya know...the basics. i won't call them the names that i should because that's mean....but all of them in one class? i mean...c'mon. how unlucky can you be?

2 electives in one day? yes, bitch. 2. art I 4th period, photography 8th. booya. i can't wait. i have like the 2 best electives in the whole school.

i started reading tuesdays with morrie this morning. i'm wondering if i'll have it done by friday...plus tom sawyer and/or the 5 people i met in heaven. whichever. i'll be lucky to have one report done, much less, two. rawr. why did i sit on my lazy butt all summer?

i almost had a bad accident. i'm talking about like...almost had a head-on with a pickup. i was about to miss my turn, and it was raining, and i was going about 55, so i slammed my brakes and swerved into the turning lane and i began to make the merge and i was going way too fast to pull it off and my car started sliding sideways into the other lane while still thrusting forward. much to my dismay, i truck just happened to be coming in the opposing lane. i almost peed on myself. so anyways..he swerved, i overcorrected...i finally stopped sliding and sorta stayed stopped in the road for a second before getting the nerve to put it in gear and try again.

cheerleading tomorrow afternoon. does anyone know if what the heck we're doing at the jamboree? i'm kinda, sorta, definitely lost.

no i don't want no scrubs. a scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me. hangin' out the passenger side of ya best friend's ride, tryina holla at me.

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[06 Aug 2005|10:27pm]
[ mood | tired ]

erhm. school starts on tuesday, i have 2 books to read and 2 reports to do by then. but i have very little to do the next 2 days so...there ya go.

i'm totally going to borrow my grandmother's andrew lloyd webber cd because i'm having broadway withdrawals and it's hurting me. and alison krauss. i dunno what it is about her that makes her so...awesomely fucking awesome.

monday we have cheer but we have to do it with the 5th and 6th graders AND the 7th and 8th graders. eww. my sister's in the 6th grade...and we have to cheer together on the 19th at the jamboree pep rally. gag on a stick.

i'm uber excited about school. i have no classes with melissa...i think i have one with diana...yay. brittany's in all of melissa's classes which means that i have none with her either. i DO have a class with kathryn...wait...maybe more than one. i dunno. all in all, i'm very disappointed in the schedule. and my schedule failed to consist of a locker number and combination. so i'll be at school on tusday with no damn locker to open because i haven't picked up my goofy little card thingy. rawr.

daddy paid for my new backpack, photography, yearbook, parking, art, and tuition. mommy has to pay for school shoes, supplies, and clothes. i did that on purpose. mommy lets me where the things i wanna wear.

i actually think this is the first year since...well...ever that i've been completely tickled to go back to school. finally, summer's over.

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[05 Aug 2005|09:56am]
[ mood | awake ]

ok...i'm registered. i paid for photgraphy and yearbook. i owe for art and parking. i got my cheer uniform yesterday but it's missing a pair of pants and a shirt. but oh well...i'm supposed to be making appearances from 8 until noon today but i got really, really hungy so i came home. i'm on my break i guess. these uniforms are itchy and stiff. grrr. i picked up my cheer shoes from the nice guy from the athlete's foot and they're cool but it's just one more thing i have to pay for. not to mention the fact that i'm not even sure if i paid for my fucking uniform. parents always make you feel so guilty when you try to squeeze their money from their precious cluthes. i NEED it. rawr.
i have a camera!!!! i'm gunna take a picture of my camera (obviously, i have a couple of cameras) and post it biiiiiiotches. it's frickin coooool. canon ae-1. suck on that.
ok...mountain dew+hot pocket=gooood. i must go now. i have to eat and be on my way.

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[31 Jul 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | emo ]


there's no turning backCollapse )

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[30 Jul 2005|07:30pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

omg...ok. cleaned yesterday. had to earn some mizzzoney for today's shopping trip. got paid $15 for baby sitting, $25 for cleaning the house, and got advanced $28 to be worked off next week. so i only had $68. anyway...picked everybody up and we headed to brookwood village and about half-way there i realized i had no fucking clue how to get there. and everyone had lots of input...we got lost...3 times. and then some. total u-turn count for today: 4. so i called sarah and she expalined to me that my navigators were idiots and she got me there. go sarah. then we went to hot topic and i bought a beanie. it's frickin awesome. and we went to hollister. on going question: are employees paid to flirt or do they do it out of the kindness of their very own heart? and omfg...i dispise american eagle. creepy, 40 yr old gay employee:

"can i help you find anything today?"
"i'm just checking clearance for extra smalls."
"you wear an extra small?"
"you look like you wear a medium."

(creepy stare: his excuse for looking at me was "mental sizing." urggg. you don't call someone fat and then check them out.) (bitchhhhhh.)
anyway...yadda, yadda..then we went to the summit and brittany, katie, and melissa wanted to go into bebe...so i went in...where we discovered that katie's panties ARE, in fact, blue. erhm...then we ate at mrs. fields...mmmmmmmmmm.

srah met me at the summit and we went to see sarah's mommy b/c i missed her sooo much. it makes me so uber sad that our parents don't talk anymore. maybe mommy will let me go see sarah's mom.

today's total spendings:
beanie w/ visor from hot topic: $14.16
2 polo shirts at $10 a piece, and a pair of half-off sandals from aeropostale: $36.24
2 meat and rice platter from man chu wok: app. $8 (including drink)
one gumball: 25 cents.
a peanut butter dream bar with a coke from mrs. fields: app. $5
total: $63.65
remaining cash at the end of the day: $4.35 (3 $1 bills and a pocket full of change.)

183 highway miles- 1/2 tank of gas. (1/2 tank= 5 gallons.)
5 gallons at $2.18= $10.90

$ 10.90
+ 63.65

wow...that was fun. good day. peace. ♥

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[27 Jul 2005|12:16pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

ok...nowhere on the box did it say "golden blond" has the tendency to turn "golden red." i should've used my normal stuff. hair color experimentation=bad.

my phone and lamp shade have been collaged with purty pictures of purty people. i like them.

i have nothing to do. someone call me and let's do something. i have no gas and no money to get gas...so damn. somebody come visit me!

*chomps on ice* mmmmm.

diana's back from columba and she's not dead! i was so afraid and worried.

i hope this weekend's group shopping date works out. gots to ask step-mumsies for the car.

i have purple ducttape. i like it.

we get to pick up charlie today! i have some pictures of charlie somewhere...but i dunno how to post um.

gotta go. kacie's paying me $10 to do her chores. i love me.

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[26 Jul 2005|01:19am]
[ mood | hurt ]

only suckers give out second chances. people never change.

you say lesson learned.

what the fuck does that mean?

it means they won't change, so you will.

even you get confused as to what it is you're waiting for.

chemistry? pshh.

just when you think things can't get worse.

ok...so friends. let's have at that.

eh. tomorrow holds no secrets.

each day just as dry as the first.

everything gets more and more predictable.

my boring life.

really big butt.

[25 Jul 2005|09:36pm]


prepare yourselfCollapse )

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[25 Jul 2005|07:35pm]
[ mood | blah ]

blah. i hate stuff.

went to disney world...woo. the motorhome caught on fire. not woo. yadda, yadda...came home...woo.

someone broke into our house at 4:55 in the morning...24 hours later, we had a dog, a gun, a security system, and outdoor motion lights. problem solved.

our dog's name is charlie. boxer mix. we rescued him from the shelter. blahhhh.

i'm kinda pissed off at the world...and maybe some other people on the side. but in general: the world.

i was eating pasta, then i lost my appetite.

i'm going to bed.


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[15 Jul 2005|09:44pm]
[ mood | blah ]

ok...boston's freaking awesome. i miss home so badly it hurts...and i haven't even been gone that long. well, the trip started out slow: history and whatnot. bleh. yesterday we had a little more fun. we went to a huge mall in boston and rode on the duck tours and with me being 6'2" (the tallest person on the boat) i got to ride shotgun because it was the only seat with enough room for me. teehee. and i drove the boat under a bridge and through an alley thingy and that was scary...especially when i passed other boats. but then...we ate at dick's. for anyone who doesn't know what dick's is: dick's is a national chain of restaraunts where the waiters are rude and the people are encouraged to use little or no class while eating there. holy crap...it's fun. they gave us hats that all had quotes on the but my grandmother's was absolutely wonderful: "i'm still hot, it just comes in flashes." how effin perfect? and i bought a shirt from dick's. and then we went to the maparrium which is a room where you're inside a globe and stuff...and my cousin and i were asked to pose for maparrium website pictures and we had to sign model releases. i felt so wonderfully sexy. so today we got up uberly early and went to salem...weee! it was really neat. we got to reinact the witch trials as the jury and, of course, i voted innocent, and bridget was set free and freed of her charges. i felt powerful...and ummm...oh yeah, i ate dinner at the north end (little italy) and it was expensive. it was like $20 per plate and $3 can of coke (sooooda). anways,,back to salem...i bought 2 shirts in salem because they were uber bootleg and uber cheap. and erhm...museums here and there, nothing special.

duck tours:
"wow, he's tall!"
"basketball playaaaa!"
"no, actually, he's our thespian."
"well...that's good, too."

fun trip, but i'm soo anxious to get to orlando where the real living begins.

i'm pooped. g'night.

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[07 Jul 2005|02:47pm]
[ mood | blank ]

wow. ok so my parents are totally back from taiwan. (sp?) i went to bessemer and hung out with jerred yesterday, until my mommy got off of work...and then they met. not sure yet how that went. erhm...i fell asleep on the way home and then had arby's for dinner...mmm. it was good. i oke up at like...1, then watched miss congeniality 2 (which was ok but was totally not as good as the first)...and then i took a shower...and now i'm sitting here wrapped in a towel. i have to somehow come up with cash to put in kathryn and brittney's birthday cards...that i totally made. and then i'm gong over to rachel's to watch stepford wives and eat dinner because i leave on the tenth for 14 days and she's throwing a party on the 16th...so i'm eating dinner with her to make up for the whole lack of precense at birthday thing. so that makes 3 cards, yet to be filled with cash...

i have to do laundry...because i have to have CLEAN clothes for my trip...lots of them. and...what day is the tenth. *counts in head* omg, it's sunday! that's so close. so much to do! but...my cousin gets married on the 9th and then i lave at 4 in the morning on the 10th. how pleasant. but my grandmother's taking the first driving shift so i don't have to worry about falling asleep behind the wheel. and...blah tee dah. that is all...i need to go find something decent to cover my ass with...

♥ ryan

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[05 Jul 2005|01:09am]
leftover booze + anastasia soundtrack + chocolate icing = partyyyyyy.
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[04 Jul 2005|12:07am]
[ mood | amused ]

sarah, melissa, and i went shopping yesterday and we took melissa to the thrift store (where she'd never been) and got her to like all kinds of cute preowned clothing items. and sarah bought me some pants. then sarah spent the night. hot asians totally shop at our thrift store. slept in, got up, showered, let my hair dry, sarah dressed me, went to bessemer, then to hoover, then back to bessemer. went to mcdonald's and played with jerred in the jungle gym thingy ma boober and sat on his lap in the gay section of barnes and noble. twas quite fun. but..i was on a time budget so i had to jump in my car and drive back to tuscaloosa with great speed. 105 was my top speed for the day but not because i was going that fast regularly, i was just curious as to whether or not my car could pull it off. it didn't cut off so i know my cut off is above 105. but the wheel started shaking so i slowed down...and stuck to 80-85. i got home and i sat out by the pool (HOLY FUCK!! THAT'S A BIG-ASS BUG! *runs for the raid* omg...that was scary. it was like a nuclear ant. it was like...BIG...and looked kind of beetlish size and texture wise but it looked like an ant. but omg...eww.) and then i went and bought kfc using my mother's credit card and ate lots of it and watched a movie...and erhm...that's about it. i still can't get over this bug...i'm afraid to leave the chair now. it's my island. and there could be more nuclear bugs.

so that's my life. oo, ahh! be amazed.

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[29 Jun 2005|11:05am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

my computer's fudging up. damn. heh. kacie and i went to target on monday and met a cashier and her name was queen and oh my graaaanma was she ever cool? she's our new favorite target employee. so we went back yesterday to see if she would be working and we didn't wanna spend much because we had to save money for our trip to starbucks for caffeine loading. so we bought a push pop which was conveniently mistaken for a blow pop leading to "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?! ALL I WANTED WAS SOME GUM AND FUCKING BLOW POP!!" i miss queen. she doesn't work until tonight, though. she's sooo awesome. i told her that had told everyone about her and she got all flattered. my brother through some kinda silly party last night and there were cars on every square foot of our fucking property. so when kacie and i got back from target we had to park in the road where several other cars had already been parked. and omg...it so wasn't my party but it turns out kacie and i knew someone there (that's not a good thing). so anyway...we walked through the front door right past where they were playing poker and i go "kacie! that was catherine!" and she goes "catherine williams?!" and i go "yes! i swear!" and kacie's like "nuh uh. can't be." but then like 2 seconds later catherine walks up and is all like "OMG! hey you guys! how are you!" which led to the entirely ointless conversation involving catherine's friend and me. "nice room." "thanks." "whose solara." "my moms." "i like it." "me too." then catherine says "WELL IT WAS GOOD TO SEE YOU!" and then everyone left..hallyluyer. i've been spending like...all of my night time talking to jerred. it's my nighttime passtime. last night i went to bed at 4:45, however, i think i was mentally asleep at around 11:00. jaez it's fun...which leads to more interesting and somehow dull conversation involving "personalized validation coopins. (coupons)" lol..had to be there. anyway. me am hungy. peace.

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[28 Jun 2005|12:29pm]
[ mood | angry ]

why the hell are people out to get me? what the hell did i do? ooger monkies. i wish everything was just on and off, let's be done with it. no one ever lets anything go without a fight or a threat or a name or something. i got all 3. fag cheerleader i believe it was. i haven't done anything wrong...and i'm not going to let anybody tell me that i have. i followed my heart. i'm sorry someone else got caught in the crossfire but i can't live for others. i'm through trying to be what makes other people happy. it didn't work then, it won't work now. for once, i'm going to do what feels right. and this is it. no regrets.

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[27 Jun 2005|11:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

The 25th (2 days ago) was my 1 year outness anniversary. let's all bake a cake and sing happy songs. but for real...people: anniversary presents are always thoughful and appreciated. heh.

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[24 Jun 2005|04:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

*tickled soo pink*

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[24 Jun 2005|10:20am]
[ mood | sick ]

i feel like poo. i styaed on the internet two hours too long and got caught. whoops. i didn'y get much sleep and i'm supposed to babysit today but i dunno. i have like...something. i'm like..dizzy and have like major nausea...among other stomach problems. ugher monkies. but oh well, i will survive.

really big butt.

[23 Jun 2005|07:33pm]
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[23 Jun 2005|01:44pm]

these are for abby.


-pictures=<33x78728-Collapse )

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