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my computer's fudging up. damn. heh. kacie and i went to target on monday and met a cashier and her name was queen and oh my graaaanma was she ever cool? she's our new favorite target employee. so we went back yesterday to see if she would be working and we didn't wanna spend much because we had to save money for our trip to starbucks for caffeine loading. so we bought a push pop which was conveniently mistaken for a blow pop leading to "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?! ALL I WANTED WAS SOME GUM AND FUCKING BLOW POP!!" i miss queen. she doesn't work until tonight, though. she's sooo awesome. i told her that had told everyone about her and she got all flattered. my brother through some kinda silly party last night and there were cars on every square foot of our fucking property. so when kacie and i got back from target we had to park in the road where several other cars had already been parked. and so wasn't my party but it turns out kacie and i knew someone there (that's not a good thing). so anyway...we walked through the front door right past where they were playing poker and i go "kacie! that was catherine!" and she goes "catherine williams?!" and i go "yes! i swear!" and kacie's like "nuh uh. can't be." but then like 2 seconds later catherine walks up and is all like "OMG! hey you guys! how are you!" which led to the entirely ointless conversation involving catherine's friend and me. "nice room." "thanks." "whose solara." "my moms." "i like it." "me too." then catherine says "WELL IT WAS GOOD TO SEE YOU!" and then everyone left..hallyluyer. i've been spending like...all of my night time talking to jerred. it's my nighttime passtime. last night i went to bed at 4:45, however, i think i was mentally asleep at around 11:00. jaez it's fun...which leads to more interesting and somehow dull conversation involving "personalized validation coopins. (coupons)" lol..had to be there. anyway. me am hungy. peace.
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