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sarah, melissa, and i went shopping yesterday and we took melissa to the thrift store (where she'd never been) and got her to like all kinds of cute preowned clothing items. and sarah bought me some pants. then sarah spent the night. hot asians totally shop at our thrift store. slept in, got up, showered, let my hair dry, sarah dressed me, went to bessemer, then to hoover, then back to bessemer. went to mcdonald's and played with jerred in the jungle gym thingy ma boober and sat on his lap in the gay section of barnes and noble. twas quite fun. but..i was on a time budget so i had to jump in my car and drive back to tuscaloosa with great speed. 105 was my top speed for the day but not because i was going that fast regularly, i was just curious as to whether or not my car could pull it off. it didn't cut off so i know my cut off is above 105. but the wheel started shaking so i slowed down...and stuck to 80-85. i got home and i sat out by the pool (HOLY FUCK!! THAT'S A BIG-ASS BUG! *runs for the raid* omg...that was scary. it was like a nuclear ant. it was like...BIG...and looked kind of beetlish size and texture wise but it looked like an ant. but omg...eww.) and then i went and bought kfc using my mother's credit card and ate lots of it and watched a movie...and erhm...that's about it. i still can't get over this bug...i'm afraid to leave the chair now. it's my island. and there could be more nuclear bugs.

so that's my life. oo, ahh! be amazed.

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