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wow. ok so my parents are totally back from taiwan. (sp?) i went to bessemer and hung out with jerred yesterday, until my mommy got off of work...and then they met. not sure yet how that went. erhm...i fell asleep on the way home and then had arby's for dinner...mmm. it was good. i oke up at like...1, then watched miss congeniality 2 (which was ok but was totally not as good as the first)...and then i took a shower...and now i'm sitting here wrapped in a towel. i have to somehow come up with cash to put in kathryn and brittney's birthday cards...that i totally made. and then i'm gong over to rachel's to watch stepford wives and eat dinner because i leave on the tenth for 14 days and she's throwing a party on the i'm eating dinner with her to make up for the whole lack of precense at birthday thing. so that makes 3 cards, yet to be filled with cash...

i have to do laundry...because i have to have CLEAN clothes for my trip...lots of them. and...what day is the tenth. *counts in head* omg, it's sunday! that's so close. so much to do! cousin gets married on the 9th and then i lave at 4 in the morning on the 10th. how pleasant. but my grandmother's taking the first driving shift so i don't have to worry about falling asleep behind the wheel. and...blah tee dah. that is all...i need to go find something decent to cover my ass with...

♥ ryan
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