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ok...nowhere on the box did it say "golden blond" has the tendency to turn "golden red." i should've used my normal stuff. hair color experimentation=bad.

my phone and lamp shade have been collaged with purty pictures of purty people. i like them.

i have nothing to do. someone call me and let's do something. i have no gas and no money to get damn. somebody come visit me!

*chomps on ice* mmmmm.

diana's back from columba and she's not dead! i was so afraid and worried.

i hope this weekend's group shopping date works out. gots to ask step-mumsies for the car.

i have purple ducttape. i like it.

we get to pick up charlie today! i have some pictures of charlie somewhere...but i dunno how to post um.

gotta go. kacie's paying me $10 to do her chores. i love me.
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