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ok...i'm registered. i paid for photgraphy and yearbook. i owe for art and parking. i got my cheer uniform yesterday but it's missing a pair of pants and a shirt. but oh well...i'm supposed to be making appearances from 8 until noon today but i got really, really hungy so i came home. i'm on my break i guess. these uniforms are itchy and stiff. grrr. i picked up my cheer shoes from the nice guy from the athlete's foot and they're cool but it's just one more thing i have to pay for. not to mention the fact that i'm not even sure if i paid for my fucking uniform. parents always make you feel so guilty when you try to squeeze their money from their precious cluthes. i NEED it. rawr.
i have a camera!!!! i'm gunna take a picture of my camera (obviously, i have a couple of cameras) and post it biiiiiiotches. it's frickin coooool. canon ae-1. suck on that.
ok...mountain dew+hot pocket=gooood. i must go now. i have to eat and be on my way.
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