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erhm. school starts on tuesday, i have 2 books to read and 2 reports to do by then. but i have very little to do the next 2 days so...there ya go.

i'm totally going to borrow my grandmother's andrew lloyd webber cd because i'm having broadway withdrawals and it's hurting me. and alison krauss. i dunno what it is about her that makes her so...awesomely fucking awesome.

monday we have cheer but we have to do it with the 5th and 6th graders AND the 7th and 8th graders. eww. my sister's in the 6th grade...and we have to cheer together on the 19th at the jamboree pep rally. gag on a stick.

i'm uber excited about school. i have no classes with melissa...i think i have one with diana...yay. brittany's in all of melissa's classes which means that i have none with her either. i DO have a class with kathryn...wait...maybe more than one. i dunno. all in all, i'm very disappointed in the schedule. and my schedule failed to consist of a locker number and combination. so i'll be at school on tusday with no damn locker to open because i haven't picked up my goofy little card thingy. rawr.

daddy paid for my new backpack, photography, yearbook, parking, art, and tuition. mommy has to pay for school shoes, supplies, and clothes. i did that on purpose. mommy lets me where the things i wanna wear.

i actually think this is the first year since...well...ever that i've been completely tickled to go back to school. finally, summer's over.
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