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omg. i adore school.

i got my parking space but umm..eww. it's the space at the end of the lot..the one i DIDN'T want. the space that 2 cars have been broken into from. yeah, that one. the one that backs all the way up to the ghetto. my insurance doesn't cover theft. this sucks. they need to be snappy about installing the video monitors.

i have history first period. not the best way to start a day but it works. diana sits by me. and this really sweet new girl and her brother are in our class, too. candace and someone else. she's completely beautiful. the two of them probably have the best manners i could ever hope to see from a holy spirit student.

i saw natilee in the hallway and she asked me if we had cheerleading after school and i was like..."umm, no. tomorrow, though." and then she was all like "those glasses are so cute. you're just stylin' and profilin'." she is like so sweet. she makes me think very highly of freshmen.

i dislike my religion class. i don't talk to anyone in there because they're all either bitches, or the type that only speak when spoken to. so i just sat there and didn't say a word. the only upside of that class: kathryn sits next to me. although, i'm not her main point of interest, at least she talks to me. she showed me her license and we talked about something pointless but at least it was conversation. of course we have the regulars: lauren c., lauren p., ashton, brittany t., brittney p, danielle...ya know...the basics. i won't call them the names that i should because that's mean....but all of them in one class? i mean...c'mon. how unlucky can you be?

2 electives in one day? yes, bitch. 2. art I 4th period, photography 8th. booya. i can't wait. i have like the 2 best electives in the whole school.

i started reading tuesdays with morrie this morning. i'm wondering if i'll have it done by tom sawyer and/or the 5 people i met in heaven. whichever. i'll be lucky to have one report done, much less, two. rawr. why did i sit on my lazy butt all summer?

i almost had a bad accident. i'm talking about like...almost had a head-on with a pickup. i was about to miss my turn, and it was raining, and i was going about 55, so i slammed my brakes and swerved into the turning lane and i began to make the merge and i was going way too fast to pull it off and my car started sliding sideways into the other lane while still thrusting forward. much to my dismay, i truck just happened to be coming in the opposing lane. i almost peed on myself. so anyways..he swerved, i overcorrected...i finally stopped sliding and sorta stayed stopped in the road for a second before getting the nerve to put it in gear and try again.

cheerleading tomorrow afternoon. does anyone know if what the heck we're doing at the jamboree? i'm kinda, sorta, definitely lost.

no i don't want no scrubs. a scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me. hangin' out the passenger side of ya best friend's ride, tryina holla at me.

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