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  • Music:'s freaking awesome. i miss home so badly it hurts...and i haven't even been gone that long. well, the trip started out slow: history and whatnot. bleh. yesterday we had a little more fun. we went to a huge mall in boston and rode on the duck tours and with me being 6'2" (the tallest person on the boat) i got to ride shotgun because it was the only seat with enough room for me. teehee. and i drove the boat under a bridge and through an alley thingy and that was scary...especially when i passed other boats. but then...we ate at dick's. for anyone who doesn't know what dick's is: dick's is a national chain of restaraunts where the waiters are rude and the people are encouraged to use little or no class while eating there. holy's fun. they gave us hats that all had quotes on the but my grandmother's was absolutely wonderful: "i'm still hot, it just comes in flashes." how effin perfect? and i bought a shirt from dick's. and then we went to the maparrium which is a room where you're inside a globe and stuff...and my cousin and i were asked to pose for maparrium website pictures and we had to sign model releases. i felt so wonderfully sexy. so today we got up uberly early and went to salem...weee! it was really neat. we got to reinact the witch trials as the jury and, of course, i voted innocent, and bridget was set free and freed of her charges. i felt powerful...and ummm...oh yeah, i ate dinner at the north end (little italy) and it was expensive. it was like $20 per plate and $3 can of coke (sooooda). anways,,back to salem...i bought 2 shirts in salem because they were uber bootleg and uber cheap. and erhm...museums here and there, nothing special.

duck tours:
"wow, he's tall!"
"basketball playaaaa!"
"no, actually, he's our thespian."
"well...that's good, too."

fun trip, but i'm soo anxious to get to orlando where the real living begins.

i'm pooped. g'night.
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